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Creations Studio offers one-of-a-kind heirloom quality western art and antler furniture. Owner, artist, and one of the featured designers, Dean Grommet is honored to be able to offer such high-quality western décor that he and the featured artists on Creations Studio consider to be an expression of the wilds of the world. Some pieces represent fading memories of the American Wild West, while others pay tribute to a passing age of simplicity.

This website is a collaborative effort between designers and artisans who strive to present elegance and excellence to our clients. With each creation, we strive to provide generational value that will stand the test of time, whether it is art furniture, western lighting, Native American oil painting, western fashion, rustic decor, Native American dress, or a period reproduction tomahawk.

Each artist is meticulous in his or her craftsmanship, looking to tradition and timeless techniques. All materials used are authentic and unique, including shed antlers, buffalo hides, buckskin, exotic hair-on animal hides, hand-polished marble and granite, exotic horns, reclaimed antique woods, hand forged iron, distressed copper and soft leathers. In designing each project, we pay painstaking attention to detail that highlights the natural beauty of the materials used. Each piece, whether it is a handmade antler side table or western lighting, reflects classic themes.

Each piece of Native American dress, rustic furniture, or western art are one-of-a-kind and certain furniture pieces can be customized to customer specifications and preferences. Many of the Western art pieces on this site are numbered and registered with Creations Studio's Heirloom Registry. Upon change of ownership, the records for these authentic works of art are updated. In this way, the journey of each piece is recorded as it passes from hand to hand throughout the years.

All of the art and art furniture featured on Creations Studio's website, whether they are pieces of the past or handmade just for you, maintain a quality that will last for the ages.

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