Dean Grommet

Dean Grommet's Natural-Medium Art and Antler Furniture will be displayed at several showings over the coming year.

The art of Dean Grommet is an expression of his times in the wilds of the world, some of which are now fading memories of a passing age.

His life experiences span six continents and more than three decades of travel in the pursuit of a passion to "drink the wild air". The young embers of this passion were originally stirred to life five decades ago while tramping the creeks and forests of Kentucky as a child, observing artifacts of primitive man, pursuing game, and generally seeking the raw edge of wilderness that is left to us in these modern times.

Eschewing many conventional artistic mediums, Dean turns to nature's own elements of stone, wood, and bone, among others. These he uses to create works that are imbued by the wild river of memory and experience flowing from his heart through his hands. He invests a pedigree of natural authenticity in his work that is only the result of diligent cultivation of an art that is an anachronism in these modern times. The results are strikingly iconic of times long past.