Deerskin Tunic



Simulated Braintan Deerskin Tunic


Completely hand made, this velvet soft deerskin can be worn over jeans to create a contemporary look or wear it to your next Native event! Two hides make this tunic by lacing the sides, then cutting left-over edgeing to create the abudant fringe. Scoop collar is sewn on using sinew and interweaving tiny pony beads in the stitching. The scallop points of the collar are accented with 1/2" coral discs containing a periwinkle bead in the center. A 1.5" burned bone hairpipe design surrounds the 3" painted turtle breastplate which is also embelished with periwinkle beads. The back and front have randem tassels strung with red crow beads.

Size(s): L

Artist: Shadowhawke

Price: Price available upon request


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